Energy independence and security

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Monitoring and assessing the reforms in Bulgaria’s energy sector and in particular – the processes of liberalization and integration of the electricity markets.

Developing a new national energy strategy based on energy independence and supplies reliability, within the context of the requirements of the European Comission’s Third Liberalization Package.

Proposing to the authorities adequate legislative changes in the area of scientific research, exploration and production of energy resources, incl. from non-conventional sources, in order to improve the investment climate and attract investments in the sector.

Organizing a series of discussion forums and conferences with the aim of discussing and popularizing the new priorities of the European energy policy, such as:
– energy efficiency;
– development of environment-friendly energy technologies;
– regional energy alliances;
– solving the problems of energy poverty;
– possibilities to exploit the potential of local energy resources, incl. from non-conventional sources;
– planning the development of the national energy systems and their integration into the EU’s common energy system.


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