National and international security

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Providing regular expert assessments on the effectiveness of reforming the Bulgarian Army, and specifically on the effectiveness of its modernization and rearmament policy within the context of the requirements defined by the heads of state of the NATO countries during the 2014 Wales Summit.

Popularizing Bulgaria’s national security priorities in order to form a public opinion that supports the institutional policy in speeding up the modernization, rearmament and more effective integration of the Bulgarian military with the other NATO members.

Analyzing, assessing and assisting the process of integration of the Western Balkans into NATO, particularly the countries participating in the Partnership for Peace program. Producing a vision of the Atlantic Council of Bulgaria for the place of the Western Balkans within NATO.

Studying and analyzing Bulgaria’s contribution to the eastern part of NATO’s southern flank in the context of developments in the military-strategic balance in the Black Sea region.

Preparing and conducting a series of domestic and international discussions and conferences, focused on the problems of Bulgaria’s national security.

Initiating a series of public debates on key problems of security, protection of the national borders from potential migrant waves, illegal trafficking of people, goods and narcotics, etc.

Preparing a White Book on The State Of The Defense, containing realistic estimates on the overall development of Bulgaria’s defense sector.

Directing and focusing the attention of the authorities and the public towards Bulgaria’s strategic priorities in the area of national security in the context of the contemporary dynamics of global and regional geopolitics.

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