Civil society and democracy

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Analyzing the current state of the civil society and the level of democratic culture in the Republic of Bulgaria, using unequivocal quantitative and qualitative indicators, both individually for Bulgaria and compared to other member countries of the Euro-Atlantic community.

Establishing and maintaining contact with partner Atlantic NGOs on the issues of developing the civil society and democracy in the Republic of Bulgaria, with the aim of informing and educating the Bulgarian society in the spirit of the Atlantic values.

Developing analyses and assessments of the current state of human, civil and political rights in the Republic of Bulgaria, and using them as a motivation in recommendations of the Atlantic Council to the government authorities on their policies and legislative initiatives.

Developing programs, projects and initiatives for civil education of the Bulgarian citizens, with a special emphasis on raising the political and civil culture of the young people.

Working for the promotion of ethnic and religious tolerance, intercultural dialogue and respect for minority rights.

Monitoring and supporting the protection of human rights and the observing of constitutional order and international law by all citizens and government authorities.

Working for a consistent and irrevocable, stable development of all government structures and institutions under the conditions of separation of powers, rule of law and independence and impartiality of the judiciary.

Incouraging intolerance and public opposition to cases of disregard for the freedom of speech, economic and administrative pressure on the media and independent journalists.

Initiating a series of domestic and international discussions and conferences focused on the issues of human rights and democracy, which shall lead to the creation of a comprehensive strategy for developing the civil society in Bulgaria.

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