Do not use the Bulgarian Armed Forces for political ends!

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of the


regarding the latest events in the Graf Ignatievo Air Base

26.10.2017 г.



The refusal of pilots to execute planned flight training in the Graf Ignatievo Air Base on 24 October 2017, triggered by „psychological lack of enough confidence with a number of the pilots,“ that is caused by deficiency in the number of flight hours, by uncertainties about the technical reliability of the jet engines that had been recently repaired by RSK MiG, and by the deficit in needed fuel and lubricants, is not an isolated scandal and is not unprecedented. This situation confirms the recent findings and conclusions of the Atlantic Council of Bulgaria on the critical state of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, and this requires urgent and resolute actions by the Bulgarian Government and Parliament. At the same time, taking advantage of the problems of the Bulgarian Armed Forces for initiating political clashes with the aim of extracting political and/or corporate profits constitutes a behavior of full lack of responsibility about national security, and this is eroding the military professionalism and discipline.

We need to underline yet again that these circumstances require taking determined decisions and to promptly put them into practice:

Making use of all the available opportunities to receive NATO allied support for guaranteeing our national air sovereignty, including by way of permanent stationing of Air Force capabilities of our NATO allies, with adequate land-based support, on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Immediate relaunch of the project of acquisition of a new type of fighter aircraft and building-up all the needed interoperable capabilities for combat support, that will provide for the reliable implementation of the tasks related to guaranteeing the national air sovereignty in the framework of the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence as well as for attaining full interoperability with our NATO allies.

Active participation and using the opportunities arising from the establishment of the cooperation format „Bucharest 9“ comprising the members of NATO that were part of the former Warsaw Pact.

Adopting a strict timetable for decommissioning the old Soviet weapon systems, following the completion of the project for the acquisition of a new type of fighter aircraft.

We are determinedly rejecting the attempts aimed at pitting the professional military personnel against other groups of citizens, as well as any doubts in the loyalty and professionalism of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.



Program “National and International Security”


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