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The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria is a democratic community of people, united by their belief in the rule of law, separation of powers and a democratic and sovereign Bulgaria.

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Defending the values of democracy, liberty and justice is a constant moral duty and responcibility of every Bulgarian citizen. The members of ACB are convinced in the need for real, direct and organized actions of the civil community for upholding the Euro-Atlantic choice of our country.

The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria works for the benefit of the society, popularizing and affirming the Euro-Atlantic values in Bulgaria.

The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria implements its objectives in compliance with the Constitution and the national and international law. It relies on the authority, enterprise and professional experience of its members and followers. ACB's work impetus is the support from citiznes and the cooperation with kindred local and international NGOs.

The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria is the civil guarantee for the irreversibility of Bulgaria's geopolitical choice - membership in NATO and the EU.

  1. Strengthening Bulgaria's role as a worthy partner and reliable ally in NATO and the EU;
  2. Blocking the political influence and propaganda aggression of foreign states against Bulgaria;
  3. Informing and educating the Bulgarian society about the goals, objectives and responcibilities ensuing from Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic affiliations;
  4. Strengthening the self-confidence, solidarity, responsibility, sense of honor and dignity ensuing from Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic affiliations;
  5. Rejecting and intolerance towards any illegal and unconstitutional actions and activities of the Bulgarian authorities, as they are incompatible with democracy and freedom;
  6. Strengthening Bulgaria's energy security and independence;
  7. Establishing, maintaining and developing mechanisms and tools for civil control of the state's governmen;
  8. Bringing up well-educated and democratically-thinking young leaders, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century;
  9. Изграждане на образовани и демократично възпитани млади лидери, готови да посрещнат предизвикателствата на 21-ви век.
  10. Preparing a National Strategy for the development of Bulgaria in the first half of the 21st century - in the institutional, military, economic, educational, social and cultural aspects. Forming a public pressure on the authorities to enact and apply legislation in accordance with the Strategy's priorities.

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Доц. д-р Антоний Гълъбов - Съпредседател,  преподавател в Нов български университет
Димитрин Вичев - Съпредседател, общественик, бизнес консултант
Доц. д-р Александър Йорданов
- БАН, председател на 36-о Народно събрание, посланик
Атанас Славов - Д-р по право, преподавател в Софийски университет
Георги Мишев - Експерт, международни отношения и право, член на УС на „Движение Обществен натиск“
Гл. ас. д-р Георги Цветков - Преподавател по национална сигурност, Военна Академия „Г. С. Раковски“
Проф. д-р Евелина Келбечева - Историк, преподавател в Американския университет в България, Благоевград
Доц. д-р Методи Андреев - Преподавател в Университет по АСГ, депутат в 38 и 43-то НС
Доц. д-р Момчил Дойчев - Политолог, преподавател в Нов български университет
Олена Коцева - Д-р по филология, председател на Сдружение на украинските организации в България „Мати Украина“
Генерал-майор о.р. д-р Съби Събев - Национален военен представител на България във Военния комитет на НАТО 2002-2004

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